Why buy a Coltrain?

First and foremost you should only buy one my artworks if you love it. If you feel a emotional connection. If it creates a feeling inside that is unexplainable. That is a big function within my work. It creates emotion within me and I feel it should do the same for the viewer. When it catches your eye and draws you in, mesmerizing and magnetizing. Buy it quick and buy it now

All of my artwork is original and one of a kind. It is my interpretation of the world as I see it. And of course this changes over the course of a year through my lifetime. It is a part of me and my soul. But once it leaves my studio and arrives at your home, it is yours. It’s only important on what you see and interpret. My artworks beauty, like most things in life, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Buy direct from the artist..

Don’t pay a huge gallery markup fee on artwork. Most galleries impose a 30-50% markup in artworks they sell for artist they represent. You can bypass this by buying directly from my studio. Not only does this save you an enormous amount of cash. But also gives you direct access to the artist. In turn creating a closer collector creator relationship. Since many times artist and collectors never meet when their artwork is purchased in the gallery. This cuts out the middle man and gives you direct access to me. Which enables you to ask questions and learn about my process.

My work is constantly evolving...

I am always experimenting with new materials, mediums and ideas to put into action within my art. Whether I am doing a watercolor with ink pen series or using plaster bandages with magazine cutouts to create a textured mixed media piece. All are ways that I continue to grow my craft. I will never be satisfied producing the same work over and over again. This means that your artwork will never look like another collectors artwork. Although, you can certainly tell that they are both Merik Coltrain originals, they will not be identical. The will Only share similarities in style.

It is an investment for your health.

Having art in your home is very therapeutic. Experiencing art everyday can make you live longer, help with depression and provides prolonged happiness. It is one of the few raw experiences we have nowadays, in the age of technology and instant gratification. Art is how we get lost in the real world without having to turn to our deVices. Art is meant to uplift and energize you. Smiling into the world and loving life.

It is an investment for your wallet.

My work is garnering more and more demand since I started this journey of selling my art in December of 2016. I have been selling in art fairs and juried shows. Been hired for commission work. And selling through my website. As a result I set my pricing system in place this year and made a pledge to myself and my collectors that I will raise my prices every year by 20%.

I only use the highest quality materials.

The highest quality paints. The best gallery wrapped canvas. And the nicest most durable paper. Museum quality framing and canvas can assure they will
look perfect in your space..

All of my paper pieces will come matted and framed. (un less specifically requested from the collector.) The last thing you need is to be hassled with framing your newly acquired artwork. That is why my work is ready to hang and enjoy from the day you receive it. You do not have to wire it or go out and buy an expensive frame. It is a turn key painting. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity directly from me, the artist. I sign all of my paintings on the back with the title and date. There is also a signature, in black sharpie, in the lower right corner on the front of the painting. All of this is proof that you are getting an original Merik Coltrain painting.

I appreciate your interest in my paintings and my lifestyle as an artist. Of course there are many reasons why you should buy a piece of my artwork. Whatever reasons drive you. I hope you enjoy the journey of finding the one that is right for your collection. If I can be of any assistance with making your decision please contact me.