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When approaching a new piece, I like to go in with a clear mind, with no previous conceptions made or ideas presented before hand.  This enables me to be completely free and put my energy onto the canvas, uninhibited and unbridled.  This makes for the purest form of my expression, allowing my paintings to become their own.  Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to know what will become of any painting.  It morphs into its own entity within the many stokes of my palette knife and brush through color and motion.
Transitional winter III
Regular price $650.00
Transitional winter II
Regular price $700.00
Train of thought
Regular price $1,280.00
The one she likes III
Regular price $915.00
Spring jinxed
Regular price $575.00
Sometimes II
Regular price $595.00
Regular price $595.00
Regular price $0.00
No title
Regular price $1,280.00
Regular price $995.00
Regular price $295.00