Transitional Winter: A period of change

I would like to introduce you to "Transitional Winter."  It was a piece that I completed back in December 2016.  The original, one of kind artwork, is a 30"x40" acrylic painting on canvas.  It was done in a special time of my life with a lot of personal changes going on.  I had just got married, quit smoking cigarettes and was looking to buy a new house with my new wife.  I had also been away from painting for a few years.  I just let life get in the way. Not to mention that I wasn't liking what I was producing, so I took a hiatus.  This is the first painting I did after taking my "break."  After that, I decided that I would never take another break again.  I realized that it was such a waste of any kind of talent that I might posses to let it go dormant.  I find now, that when I don't like what I am producing, I get overwhelmed or frustrated, I just work through it.  It is only in the creation of new work will I continue to grow my craft and become a better artist.


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