"The one she likes II" (When my wife curates)

As an abstract painter I tend to get lost in my paintings and therefore find it hard to know when to be done.  That is when my wife, Becky comes in. Sometimes, when I come home from working my day job I notice that the painting that I was working on is no longer in my studio but now is up on the walls of our house. She exclaims " I love this piece, I think it's done, that's why I stole it and put it up."  Now, I can't ever really get mad at this.  One, because she is my wife and that would be dumb on my part(pick your battles).  And two, because the most important person in my life, likes what I am creating.  And there is not a better feeling than that.  Although however biased it may be, her opinion truly matters to me.
That being said, it usually stays up from that point on.  I rarely take it down and say no," it wasn't done, I am taking it back."  This has in turn sparked the series, "The one she likes."  All of which have begun this way. 
I enjoy this piece as it differs from my other work as it is more tranquil and easy on the eyes.  It is a bold and striking painting although there isn't a lot of movement and energy, it   I have entered this piece into a gallery competition last year and it won the Jurors Award!  I am very proud to say that.  And obviously it shows that Becky has a better eye than I do when it comes to my art, how ironic.